Serving Table For Dining Room


Serving Table For Dining Room. An inner interior designer can emerge at any time in life. For me, I took over my parent's unfinished basement and attempted to turn it into my first design project. I lined up the castoff dining chairs that used to grace my grandmother's kitchen, and covered them with a quilt to create a makeshift sofa for the kids' corner of the cellar. Even as a youngster, I knew that this furniture arrangement required a coffee table. I did what I could with kid stuff, and fashioned a makeshift coffee table out of board game boxes.

Serving Table For Dining Room. Fast-forward ten years, and I'm heading off to college. My mom decided I needed a steamer trunk to haul my things to my new school that was 200 miles away. This big blue classic ended up at the end of the extra-ling twin bed, and it became a resting place for the popcorn popper, drinking glasses pilfered from the campus Rathskellar, and an illegal hot plate. That steamer trunk turned out to be the best coffee table on the entire third floor of Montauk Hall, and it migrated to a couple of student apartments when we outgrew the dorms.

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