Hardwood Dining Room Tables


Hardwood Dining Room Tables The French farmhouse model is warm and welcoming, using rustic colours along with wooden surfaces. Here you can see a farmhouse style dining area with exposed brickwork colored a deep blue greyish colour. The exposed packet is typical of the farmhouse apartment home style, adding character having a ‘back-to-basics’ charm.
Hardwood floors has been used within this lounge which suits the style completely, it gives a natural look, unfussy and easy to maintain. The carpet has been chosen with the exact same effect in mind, it’s natural colour with only the actual borders being patterned enables the other colours and designs to speak without getting over crowded. Here the particular rug almost acts as the frame for the dining table instantly inviting you over to sit down and enjoy the meal forward.

Hardwood Dining Room Tables The main feature of the space is the rustique refectory living area table, with thick stretchers, heavy table leg articles and solid planked desk top it is reminiscent of typically the banqueting tables used in France monasteries. The table continues to be finished with an antique polish, maintaining it looking raw in addition to rugged.

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