Decorating A Dining Room Table


Decorating A Dining Room Table. A dining room is one area that not everyone uses. For homes that have an eat-in kitchen, the dining room is typically cast aside for special events and Sunday dinners with company. On one hand, homeowners might feel as if the space could be better used for other things. Alternatively, changing the layout and features of the dining room could make it a welcoming space for a growing family or everyday meals when the kitchen space is revamped.

Decorating A Dining Room Table. Whether the space is to be used as a casual or formal space, there are several ways to update the space. Rooms with dark walls and flooring can be remodeled using light and bright colors from floor to ceiling. Choose an accent wall for a focal point. Cornice work and crown molding can be repainted or refinished to stand out for a touch of elegance or for a more traditional look. Where space is a concern, use window seating beside the table to provide ample space for multiple family members, especially children. Maximize bay windows with built-in benches or cabinetry.

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