Corner Dining Room Tables


Corner Dining Room Tables.Medium grade sandpaper will likely be the best for refinishing purposes. Gentle sanding will remove most wax build-up. For painted surfaces, an assessment of the number of coats on the piece of furniture will help in determining the amount of sanding or whether paint removal will be necessary. With older furniture, circa early 20th century, lead paints were used and removal of lead paint can be a daunting chore even with paint removal chemicals.

Corner Dining Room Tables. One will want to work in a well ventilated area because paint remover is not only very flammable but also highly toxic. When applying the paint remover, follow instructions carefully on how long to leave the paint remover in contact with the wooden surface. Dried paint remover is also hard to remove. Allow plenty of time to complete the task of removing paint from the surface of the dining table and chairs. This is not a quick process.

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